Dennis Bergkamp with Arsenal


Having opted to leave from Inter Milan, Bergkamp's decision to join Arsenal was made quickly. "I wanted to go to England and as soon as I heard the name Arsenal. I thought of London. I thought of the club, a very successful club." On the 20th of June 1995, Dennis became Arsenal's record purchase for 7.5m. When asked about his time in Serie A, Dennis refused to look back on that time as a failure. "I don't think so. Of course I couldn't bring the football I am bringing now or I brought at Ajax, but as a player I think I learnt a lot. I think I wouldn't have been the footballer I am now if I didn't go there" He admitted.

His move to Arsenal was one of the biggest and most talked about transfers to the Premiership. Therefore, when he didn't score at the start of the season, he was higly criticised. Massimo Moratti, the president of Inter said: "Arsenal will be lucky if Bergkamp scores 10 goals this season." Others said Dennis was not aggressive enough. Those criticism were actually quite unfair. As Ruud Gullit pointed out, Bergkamp is neither a target man or creative midfield. His strength is to be in the right place at the right time. He would create more goals than he would score. Statistic also showed that Bergkamp was involved in 75% of the Arsenal's goals at the beginning of the season. Finally, in his 8th Premier league game, he silenced the critics with two stunning goals, his first two for Arsenal. He adapted well into the team and got support from his new teammates. He and his striker partner Ian Wright formed a strong attack combination in the league. The two also became very good friends off the field. Bergkamp had a good first season with Arsenal.

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