Dennis Bergkamp with Inter Milan


After the great years with Ajax, Bergkamp and Wim Jonk, were sold to Inter of Italy. That was the effect of his excellent performance in Euro 1992. Johan Cruyff disapproved it because he felt that Bergkamp would not play well in the defensive style of Inter. But Bergkamp wanted a challenge, and he chose Inter over clubs like AC Milan and Barcelona, where football was played more similar to the attacking Ajax system.

Again he played a UEFA Cup final and this time also he won the Cup, now with Inter. He stayed in Italy for two seasons, but as Cruyff predicted, Bergkamp had a difficult time in Milan. The club promised a change of playing style but it didn't happen. Bergkamp's releationship with his teammates was also not good. For an example, one of his teammates in Inter Milan, the Uruguayan striker Ruben Sosa treated him more as a rival than a colleague.

Dennis also could not go down well with with the quite-hungry Italian press, when he wouldn't talk to them, they talked to his gardener who told them that one of Italy's most highly paid footballers liked to stay at home with his wife. He received much criticism in Milan. During this unhappy time, Bergkamp still played well for Holland, and he played a important part in Hollands 1994 World Cup campaign, playing every game in the finals. After all he scored 3 goals in 5 World Cup matches. After the World Cup, Bergy returned to Milan for one more year. At the end of the 94-95 season, he realized that things will not change at Inter.

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